Quality management system

Sangoi has adopted its own quality policy and has developed a Quality Management System in conformity with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulations. Its basic mission is to supply an unfailingly adequate service in satisfying its own clients' requirements.

SANGOI's Quality Policy pursues the following objectives:

  • The continual increase of our Clients' satisfaction, by providing them with products that are in conformity with the specific requirements;
  • The development of an unceasing action in improving processes aimed at satisfying our client, at ensuring our staff's security, at optimising costs and at reducing whatever is not in conformity;
  • The expansion of our market area;
  • The increase of our staff's satisfaction;
  • The increase of our turnover;
  • The reduction in corporate costs.

SANGOI 's initiatives for achieving the aforesaid objectives are:

  • To introduce, develop, certify and apply a quality management system in conformity with ISO 9001: 2015's standards;
  • To verify periodically the degree of efficacy attained by the Quality System and to start up the proper actions for objective-meeting;
  • To reduce product and system non-conformity, and for obtaining the unceasing improvement of the company's performances;
  • To be continually attentive in satisfying our Clients, by regularly recording their approval;
  • To get the staff involved in the pursuance of corporate objectives, by promoting the development of the individual's professionalism and of the whole organisation.

To be specific, our mode of operating is described in detail in the QUALITY MANUAL, (with the related procedures and operating directions), that we make available for consultation by our Clients at our premises. It is Sangoi's will to establish and preserve a clear-cut relationship with its Clients. To that end we are available for possible audit visits by our Clients aimed at verifying our Quality Assurance.

certificato_iso_9001_2015_220115.pdf (997.39 KB)

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