STEEL UP® FORMULA is the only solution on the market that guarantees you a tailored service of excellence for steel strips and sheets

With the SANGOI STEEL UP® formula you can relax: you can optimize your warehouse stocks and improve your liquidity.
You no longer have to deal with fluctuations in the price of raw materials and constantly change suppliers.
Furthermore, you will be able to gain all the advantages of a collaboration based on mutual convenience.

In fact, the STEEL UP® FORMULA allows you:

security Greater safety in terms of materials conformity
organization More logistics organization
saving Greater convenience in the medium term
time More time savings
information More information on market trends
cashflow Greater optimization of cash flows

You can get all these advantages based on the various service configurations available.
STEEL UP® offers you the opportunity of a superior purchasing experience and access to the following services:


    Do you need programming to tight deadlines? Sangoi puts at your disposal, in a warehouse area that is specifically reserved for you, a batch of preordered articles, based on the Kanban system management logics. So by accessing the SANGOI website online you can check the availability of the goods in stock and proceed with the final order, which is then delivered to you within 3 working days.


    Do you need a long-term supply program?

    No more worrying about price fluctuations! SANGOI agrees on a price threshold, so anything over that will be subject to review.


    Do you want the certainty that a material meets your exact technical requirements?

    SANGOI supports you in the technical characterization of the materials used in the production process and in the failure analysis. It also helps you to identify alternative materials with the aim of improving technical or economic performance.


    Are you looking for a packaging that fits your needs?

    SANGOI offers you a range of solutions to identify the packaging that best meets the technical requirements in terms of:

    • Material handling.

    • Material protection.

    • Avoiding any misunderstanding related to packaging.


    Would you like to facilitate your cash flows?

    Thanks to the experience and knowledge of the sector's financial peculiarities, SANGOI is able to offer tools to support the financial needs deriving from purchases of raw materials.

    The service includes:

    • the opportunity to access agreements entered into with partner credit institutions.

    • the opportunity to access the reverse factoring system, for longer payment terms on specific supplies of material;

    • the tools to limit the financial fees on stock financing lines

STEEL UP® is a complete solution, ideal for those who want to optimize their time and get the most out of a partner supplier. With this method, SANGOI strives to organize everything for you.

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