The STEEL UP® FORMULA is the utmost expression of the tailoring concept applied to the supply of flat steel products.
Designed as a complete and extremely versatile solution, the STEEL UP® FORMULA represents excellence in the supply of bespoke steel strips and sheets.
With this range of services SANGOI is able to better serve subcontractors and end users of semi-finished products.

Advantages of the STEEL UP® FORMULA

By choosing the STEEL UP® FORMULA you can benefit from SANGOI’s extensive know-how.

The company can therefore be considered a reference partner, from the procurement of raw materials to the shipment of the product with access to all the advantages of a collaboration based on mutual convenience.

In fact, the STEEL UP® FORMULA allows:

Greater assurance of material compliance

Greater logistics organisation

Greater convenience in the medium term

Greater time-saving

More information on market trends

Greater optimisation of cash flows

You can get all these advantages according to the different service configurations available.

STEEL UP® offers you the opportunity of having a better purchasing experience and being able to access the following service:


You can schedule deliveries to meet tight deadlines. Sangoi keeps batches of preordered products in a reserved area of its warehouses for you to take when required, based on the Kanban inventory management system. So by accessing the SANGOI website online you can check what products are in stock and finalise the order, which is then delivered to you within 3 working days.


The ideal solution for those who need a long-term supply program. With the Constant Rate service any fluctuations in the price of raw materials are mitigated by agreeing on a cost threshold, which will be reviewed if it is exceeded, based on pre-established indicators. In fact, price indexation is linked to the quotations of the most influential independent price survey agencies.
In this way, the customer is guaranteed a supply of material at a price that is as constant as possible, so as to minimise the impact of market fluctuations.


SANGOI provides support in the technical characterisation of the materials used in your production process and in the failure analysis. We also help you to find alternative materials with the aim of improving technical or economic performance.


The study of bespoke packaging that allows you to get the goods packed according to your production needs. In fact, packaging of semi-finished products is extremely important because it conditions the way it is handled and defines their degree of protection. To meet the different needs, SANGOI has introduced the Fit Packaging service which extends the concept of tailoring to the packaging phase as well, confirming the company’s leadership in terms of product customisation.


The service consists of sending a weekly newsletter reporting on the coil market trend and current issues relating to the steel market in general.


Financial support for purchasing raw materials. Thanks to SANGOI’s in-depth knowledge of the reference markets, we are able to offer our customers various tools providing financial support that may be required to purchase raw materials. The Steel Finance service is ideal for facilitating cash flows through agreements with partner credit institutions, reverse factoring systems and tools to limit financing charges.

The STEEL UP® FORMULA is the all-round solution for the supply of semi-finished steel products; only with SANGOI.