About us

Sangoi is a leader in the production of carbon steel strips, sheets and flat bars, thanks to its approach, which is based on the continuous improvement of raw material procurement processes and on the constant development of production and logistics. This means that SANGOI is able to offer innovative solutions with high added value for its customers.





We consider reliability to be a definition of quality. It is a value that permeates the entire corporate structure, from management to the shop floor and logistics, as confirmed by the ISO 9001:2015 certification.


This is the merit of careful data management. Thanks to this approach, SANGOI has been able to integrate dynamic procurement, efficient production and effective logistics.


Infinite possibilities, no restrictions: customisation is the basis of SANGOI’s semi-finished products. In this way the customer always receives a bespoke solution.

Alongside our customers

Being able to place one’s trust in SANGOI means being able to count on the support of expert consultants, from evaluating the most suitable material for our customer’s use to selecting the most appropriate packaging and shipping methods. This value is synonymous with customer satisfaction.


Longitudinal cutting and coil flattening are processes that have built SANGOI’s reputation as a reference in the production of steel strips, sheet and flat bars in a vast range of sizes and quality for light structural works. The technological evolution of the Group’s production facilities and the careful selection of raw materials have made it possible for us to guarantee excellent quality performance.


The concept of “custom” is one of the pillars of the Group’s approach to steel processing. SANGOI’s solutions are generated by an extremely high level of technical know-how and an in-depth knowledge of the raw materials market. The solutions that are identified are applied in a very personalised way to the customer’s requirements. Whether it is to respond to a technical specification or to generate ad hoc packaging, SANGOI is always able to configure the production process to meet the customer’s expectations.


The sale of both standard and customised flat steel products comes with the supply of a package of high added value services called the STEEL UP® FORMULA. This formula has been designed to supply an all-round service and is the foundation of long-term partnerships with our customers.