Choose a higher level experience with the STEEL UP® FORMULA The only PROBLEM-FREE formula when purchasing steel strips and sheets

Sangoi Evolution in steel metallurgy - Udine - Italy

SANGOI is the supplier that can give you the service you are looking for.

SANGOI offers its customers a complete service in a commodity sector.

Over the years, the company has created an extraordinary back office and after-sales organization and represents all that an Italian or international business could want from a steel strip and sheet supplier.

In fact, SANGOI is the only one who can offer a range of guarantees for problem-free purchasing of its products

SANGOI Guarantees

Constant support with a dedicated Freephone number

Delivery times guaranteed by contract

Monitoring of non-conformities (always below 1% per year)

Fully customized order data exchange and sharing.

Switching to SANGOI brings only advantages!

SANGOI thinks of everything, setting the supply management qualitative performance indicators and making it possible for you to customize the way in which data is exchanged to manage an order according to schedules and purchase orders. The supplies provide:
› Access to the SANGOI reserved area to check the status of your current orders.
› Access to the SANGOI reserved area to consult the availability of stocks with standard formats, to check availability and to place purchase orders with set delivery dates.
› The methods and timing for sending notification of readiness for despatch of the goods.
› Joint agreement on the frequency and method of sending delivery plans for scheduled orders.
› Definition of the necessary references to ensure that the customer's purchasing process to be shown in the sales order and other related documents is traceable.
› Definition of the procedures for managing delays or non-conformities found internally on the material to be supplied to the customer.

In this way, there is no need for you to lose any sleep and you can give yourself the privilege of eliminating any problems with regard to steel strips and sheets.

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The evolution of business in the steel world requires ever-increasing levels of service and ever more performing players: SANGOI is one of these.

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